The Pie Hole

Months before my first trip to Los Angeles, I watching a show on the Cooking Channel featuring unique eats around the country. As soon as I heard about The Pie Hole and their mac n' cheese pie, I grabbed my laptop and pinned the website to my Restaurants to Try board. I knew that I had to make it there at some point during my vacation.

Soon the months turned into days, and before I knew it my suitcase was packed for LA. I was beyond excited when I realized that The Pie Hole was only a mile away from my hotel downtown, and knew that it was the first place I wanted to stop after checking in the morning I arrived. I eagerly walked the mile to the restaurant (and yes, I very quickly realized that no one else really walks in LA as I wandered the empty sidewalks) and sipped on an ice-cold cream soda as I waited for my pie.
The mac n' cheese savory pie was just as delicious as I thought it would be. The crust was flavorful and flakey, and the inside was full of perfectly cooked noodles and cheese.
My trip to The Pie Hole was a delicious way to begin my California adventures.


  1. No, we don't walk places here in California...hence the congestion and pollution. Makes alot of sense, right? ;)


  2. I am living vicarously (sp?) through you with your travels! And the food you seem to find...I love it! Good for you and being able to go to all of these wonderful places! Enjoy the rest of your summer!

  3. That's a great board idea. I just copied you! I'll try to visit this one next time I'm in LA :)


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