Ice cream, a hammock, and sweet corn. It's all about the little things (in Maine).

Our summer vacations in Maine allow us to slow down, relax, and truly enjoy the little things that make life so wonderful. And for this I will always be grateful. Here are some little things that bring us joy in Maine...

Ice cream. No trip to Maine is complete without at least one trip to the Crabby Bear Restaurant for ice cream.
Lazy afternoons in the hammock. There is no better place to lay down, read, and sneak in an afternoon nap. Emily mastered the art of getting in and out of the hammock this year.
Water skiing. Brian skis at least once every time we are in Maine- he loves doing it, and I love watching him. My man looks good on that ski. 
Games of cornhole. The game of cornhole became a favorite past time at the Maine camp the first year I went there, and is always fun to play with both family and friends.
Sweet corn, grilling, and dinners outside. There is nothing better than home cooked grilled meals enjoyed outside. Brian does not take the title of grill sergeant lightly, and always does an amazing job cooking our chicken, steak, hot dogs, and burgers on the grill. On our last night, we had the most wonderful meal out on the deck: sweet corn, steak, barbecue chicken, and a fresh quinoa salad. It was the perfect way to conclude a perfect week.
What little things are bringing you joy so far this summer? 


  1. That last photo has made me ridiculously hungry!! :O

  2. Oh I love sleeping in the hammock! It's one of my favorite childhood memories!

  3. That all looks great! Definitely a place I want to visit sometime! :)

  4. That corn on the cob looks delicious! Great photos Daina, thanks for linking up this week! Looks like you're having a fabulous summer!!

  5. Love these pics! Looks like a wonderful place to vacation. :)


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