Canobie Lake Park

Our weeks in Maine are always memorable. Most of our days are filled with lake activities, games of corn hole, afternoon trips to ice cream shops, and dinners grilled to perfection. But, we also always venture away from camp one day during the week to an amusement park. For the past two years, we loved visiting Storyland in New Hampshire. But this year, we were ready to explore somewhere new. We toyed around with a few different places and decided that Canobie Lake Park was our destination of choice this year. As soon as we arrived, we walked over to one of Brian's favorite rides as a child- the Rowdy Roosters. After spinning around in our little rooster seats turning from side to side, I realized that I am just not the rider I used to be. I sat out the majority of the spinning rides for the day after that first nauseating experience, and opted for the coasters instead. Emily, on the other hand, became more and more brave with every ride she went on. She was hesitant at first to hold her hands up on the roller coaster, but hours later she was riding it over and over by herself with her hands held high and a smile on her face. She loved it. Her favorite ride of the day was the Jungle Bounce ride; she repeatedly rode it and never had to wait in line. She was in heaven.
Italian ices, thrilling rides, the florescent lights on the ferris wheel (which my man operated in high school), beautiful views from the sky ride, fried dough, and lots of laughter made our day at Canobie memorable for years to come.


  1. She's so cute and those carmel apples look delish! The three of you make such a sweet little family :)

    Happy Sunday Daina!

    ps Any updates on the Malawi trip? It's coming up pretty soon isn't it? Funny enough, I think I'm going to be in New York for the first time ever during that time... my Mom and I are going to celebrate her 50th birthday :) You have to give me all the must-sees!

  2. Yum. I love the first photo of the toffee apples!

  3. Oh my gosh!!! That place looks amazing! I love your pictures.


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