Happy birthday, America.

Our 4th of July celebrations in Maine are always memorable. This year, we started the holiday off right with a boat parade around Wilson Lake. We twisted streamers, taped flags, and positioned glittery weights throughout the party boat early Wednesday morning before making our way to the boat launch. We excitedly lined up with the other pontoons, speedboats, and kayaks, and within minutes the parade was on its way. Boats honked their horns to the families lined up on the edges of docks. We perfected our parade wave and greeted everyone as we coasted the shoreline. It was a blast. 
(I was up early decorating... and may have still been in pajamas for the parade.)
The rest of our day was filled with friends, jet skiing, cribbage, ice cold Coronas, and lots of food from the grill. When the sun went down, we piled back onto the party boat and watching the fireworks from the middle of the lake. Brian and the boys had fun lighting everything off, and their fireworks were beautiful.
Emily loved jet skiing with Micah and Christina. 
Flash, Tina, and Dick catching up over burgers and hot dogs. 

Hope you had a happy 4th of July!
Happy birthday, America.


  1. Your 4th looks wonderful! I love the decorated boat and love the idea of a boat parade!! Glad you guys had so much fun :)

  2. Looks like so much fun!! Glad you have enjoyed your time in Maine. The weather has been amazing. Being on a lake is the perfect place to be!

  3. It was so much fun to catch up with you, Brian and Emily.

  4. Great pictures! Looks like you had a great holiday.



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