Life according to Instagram, Week 25 (Maine).

Another week brought to you by Instagram, Maine style... 
1. As soon as my California clothes were put away, my Maine attire was packed. Off to Acton, Maine! 
2. In flight. 
3. High in the sky. 
4. Brian and I had a date day in Portland before heading to the lake. We started at Dean's Sweets; my sea salt caramel was amazing. 
5. Ahh... vacation. A housemade grapefruit ginger soda for Brian and a local brew for me. 
6. Lunch at Duckfat = amazing. These fries were so good. We loved the Thai chili and truffle ketchup dipping sauces. 
7. Brain was like a kid in a candy store picking out this year's fireworks. 
8. Happy in Maine. 
9. My view all week. So relaxing. 
10-13. Wilson Lake's first annual 4th of July boat parade. We had so much fun decorating the boat and perfecting our parade wave as we slowly circled the lake. 
14. Patriotic manicures. 
15. Vacation. 
16. Brian manning the grill. 
17. Our 4th of July meal hit the spot. 
18. Catching up with Christina. 
19. Dinner with old friends before fireworks. 
20. The old camp. I love this place. 
21. Emily found the perfect reading nook. 
22-24. On our way to Salem we drove by this old cemetery in New Hampshire. We had to turn around and explore. It was so beautiful. Most of the graves were for one family, the Hales, dating back to the mid-1700's. 
25. My love. 
26. Brian's childhood home in Salem, New Hampshire. 
27. One of my favorite road trip meals- steak tips, rice, broccoli, and a side of biscuits from Ninety-Nine. There have been times when Brian has gone out just for these biscuits; I love them so much. 
28. So many happy road trip memories here. 
29. Canobie Lake Park- we rode the roosters first, which did me in. I am no longer a fan of rides that go round and round. 
30. Front of the dragon roller coaster with Em. 
31. Brian was not feeling so hot after several spinning rides... 
32. I felt sick even watching this ride. Halfway through the Centipede the whole ride is covered with a tube so you spin in the dark. Brian won the father of the year award for riding this one with Emily. 
33-36. Some more shots from Canobie Lake Park- Italian ices, wildflowers, Untamed (which I loved), and the old swings. 
37. By the end of the evening Emily was riding roller coasters all by herself. She loved being in the back car! 
38. Proud daddy. 
39. My man operated this ferris wheel in high school. 
40. Dinner. 
41. Morning blogging. 
42. Corn hole. 
43. Pure relaxation. 
44. Emily loves taking pictures with my camera. She is getting really good! 

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  1. Looks like you had so much fun! Like I told you before, I love seeing my hometown through someone else's eyes. It's so refreshing!

  2. Looks like you guys had so much fun! Emily is too cute :)

  3. Love the cone of fries, and your manicure! :)

  4. I've never visted the north east, but your pictures are making me want to go so bad! They are so beautiful! And your husbands childhood home, wow! looks like yall had a lot of fun!


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