Life according to Instagram, Week 26.

Another week brought to you by Instagram...
1. Heading home from Maine after a wonderful week. Brian and I are always a little nervous boarding those little propeller planes. 
2. Bye bye Maine! 
3. Last weekend in NYC was hot. All I could think about was Soft Serve Fruit and Pinkberry. So I ate both on Saturday. 
4. Gloves at J Crew. 
5-10. Sunday morning Brian and I had a brunch date at Queens Comfort. The restaurant is around the corner from Brian's place and we had wanted to try it for awhile. We loved it. We started with the Fiesta Tots (tater tots covered in cheese and gravy... yum), and thoroughly enjoyed our chicken flautas and oatmeal banana buttermilk pancakes. I can't wait to go back again soon! 
11. New iPhone case! Yay! 
12. Big bun. 
13. Lindsey and I had a Cold Stone date before my departure for London. We love our cake batter yogurt with red velvet cake and graham crackers! 
14. Astoria sunset. 

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  1. You are seriously the cutest thing ever. I'm jealous of your photography skills, your darling outfits, and your ability to eat carbs without gaining an ounce. Love it!


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