Life according to Instagram, Week 32.

Another week brought to you by Instagram... 
1. Carb loading (more like pancake loading) for the Tough Mudder race. 
2. Tornado warning pre-race. 
3. Brian working his way through Mud Mile, one of the many obstacles in the race. 
4. So proud of my man! Another Tough Mudder race completed! 
5. Brian and I were so exhausted after the race on Saturday that we decided to extend our stay in Gettysburg, PA. We spent Sunday sightseeing around the historic city. 
6. Lunch stop at The Pub in Gettysburg, PA. 
7-10. We loved the auto tour around all of the Gettysburg battlefields. 
11. Gettysburg train station. 
12. Traffic blows. 
13. We will never forget. Memorial lights from my subway stop in Queens. 
14. Subway sunset. 
15. Boo is such a good cat. She loves to help me with my lesson plans. 
16. Speaking of cats... Brian spotted this one atop a man's head in SoHo this week. 
17. This made my heart melt. 
18. Thursday we took our first research trip of the year to our local park. My second graders did such a great job! 
19. My friend Jill arrived on Friday night for a long weekend visit. So happy to see her and catch up! Seventeen years of friendship and counting... 
20. Fresh pedicures and gold sandals in SoHo. 
21. No shopping weekend is complete without a visit to Anthropologie. 
22. Dana. Story of my life. It is always so exciting when someone includes the i. 
23. & 24. Sunday brunch at Norma's. Always a treat! 
25. & 26. Two of my favorite NYC landmarks. 
27. It is always nice to wake up next to this little cutie. 
28. Such a wonderful weekend! So happy and so grateful to get to spend time with a wonderful friend in one of the most wonderful cities. 

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  1. That's really funny, I watched that Breaking Amish show last night, and they had a small clip of that guy with the cat on his head. Unless there are multiple guys with their cats on their heads there... it was him : )


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