Life according to Instagram, Week 36.

Another week brought to you by Instagram... 
1. Russian Navy nails.
2. & 3. Monday afternoon treats- my favorite Linzer tarts from Parisi Bakery and my first pumpkin macaron of the season from Bouchon Bakery.
4. & 5. What days off of school are made for... shopping! I spent Monday afternoon browsing sale racks in Rockefeller Center. 
6. Homemade beef stew, butter toast, red wine, and Friends with my love. Perfect evening.
7. Subway mosaic, Lexington Avenue. 
8. A view of the Freedom Tower from Fort Greene Park.
9. & 10. My second graders worked together with their fifth grade buddies to make structures during our weekly community building time. It is always a pleasure to watch my old second grade students, now fifth graders, set a positive example for my current class. 
11. NYC first: riding on the subway in complete darkness. 
12. Lice outbreak in second grade! Up-dos are necessary; I am not taking any chances! 
13. Matchy matchy with Lavel on Friday.
14. Our weekly happy hour spot has skeeball. The Monica Geller in me is over the moon. 
15. & 16. Happy fall feet. 
17. Winding roads driving through the woods in Connecticut. 
18. Ready to pick some apples! At Wilklow Orchards upstate with Brian and Emily. 
19. Emily loves using my camera. Photographer in the making! 
20. We picked a ton of Golden Delicious! 
21. Good night NYC. 

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  1. Love that mosaic, and your nail polish! :)

  2. I love Parisi! I used to stop there sometimes when I was waiting for the Q104 bus to take me back to my mother in law's house! :)


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