Scenes from our weekend.

Fall arrived this weekend in New York City, and Brian and I took full advantage of the changing weather with a two-day long date. Saturday afternoon we wandered from midtown to Union Square, sipping coffee and shopping up and down Fifth Avenue. We stopped for lunch at No. 7 Sub and loved our zucchini parm sandwich, topped with BBQ chips and pickled jalapenos. Brian eagerly stocked up on fresh pasta and produce at the Greenmarket before we headed back to Astoria, with the intention of staying in our pajamas all day on Sunday and cooking. And that we did. We watched episode after episode of Friends as homemade beef stew simmered on the stove and chocolate chip cookies baked in the oven.

This weekend was perfection.


  1. this sounds like such a wonderful weekend (especially the pajamas and stew and cookies part!) we had a lazy weekend at home too - love those :)

  2. I love all the photos of fruit, and your Keep Calm and Carry On mug...and NOT just because I have just finished drinking from one exactly the same! ;)


    I love chips on my sandwiches. My favorite is sun chips on a bagel with cream cheese :)

    Sorry my comment over here have been few and far between - I'm still reading (of course!), just have been terrible at commenting (everywhere!).


  4. a 2-day long date sounds like the best idea ever! Seriously sounds like the most perfect weekend - you two make such a great couple :)


  5. oh man what a great weekend and the weather was perfect for it. love the chocolate chip cookies idea with stew- MMMMMM. We had football on all day here though LOL. I live the shot with the older guy with his old camera- so cool. My grandfather had a bunch of old cameras that we took when we cleaned out their apartment after both my grandparents were gone - I stil want to clean up those cameras and do something with them - so awesome!!


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