Life according to Instagram, Week 38.

Another week brought to you by Instagram... 
1. Boo gets so tired from her busy days of doing nothing... 
2. Neon orange. 
3. My second grader class is in the middle of our first integrated studies unit of the year, the park study. After we learned how community members use our local park spaces and talked to a New York City park designer last week, we told the class that they get to design their very own park based on all they have learned! On Monday, we went to Pier 5 in Brooklyn Bridge Park to scout out our park space. After seeing the pier and thinking about the space, children surveyed the school community about what they would like to have in the park. This week we will begin drawing out our plans for the five sections of our park. The kids (and teachers) are so excited! 
4. Downtown Manhattan view on our trip. 
5. Jay Street/MetroTech in Brooklyn. 
6. Life of a second grade teacher- while looking for my keys in my pockets I found all of these things instead. 
7. West Village. 
8. Late night Indian dinner with Brian at Surya in the Village. 
9. The clouds looked like snow on Tuesday morning. 
10. On Wednesday we worked hard with our fifth grade buddies on several tasks and then reflected on what working hard feels like. I love our weekly buddy time! 
11. Rainy fall day. 
12. The mosaics in the Lexington Avenue subway station are some of my favorite. 
13. My students know me well- Thursday I received a thoughtful gift from one of my second grade friends. I ate all five cookies by lunch time and they were delicious. 
14. First grade style. 
15. Hurricane Sandy preparations began on Friday night in New York City. 
16. Fall in Bryant Park. 
17. The Chrysler Building will always be one of my favorites. 
18. My mom arrived in New York City Friday night for a weekend visit. We didn't notice until we got on the subway that we were wearing the exact same outfits! Minnetonka moccasins, faded jeans, striped shirts, and Gap jackets were our outfits of choice. 
19. Stocking up on bread and jams at Le Pain Quotidien for Hurricane Sandy. We were glad we stopped and bought some when we did; by the time we got to the grocery stores the bread shelves were completely cleared out! 
20. My mom and I know how to stock up for storms- eight macarons from Laduree were necessary. Once we found out her flight back to Minnesota was cancelled, our preparations went into high gear! 
21. Apparently when faced with weather emergencies I lose all judgement and control when food shopping. Case in point- Fruit Loops with marshmallows. (Hat by Castano, purchased at Arth last spring)

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  1. Haha I love your picture #6! I find stuff like that in my pockets too!

  2. Hope everything is okay up there in NYC! We're (Western PA) are expecting some effects from her as well.
    Can you tell me...what brand of hat are you wearing in the Froot Loops picture? I love it!


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