Scenes from the weekend.

Indian food with my mom and Brian in Jackson Heights. 
SoHo street style. 
Changing colors downtown. 
Breakfast at Le Pain Quotidien. 
Urban Space Market- Meatpacking District.  
SoBar- So many delicious drinks to choose from. 
Pear, rosemary, and black pepper all-natural soda. 
Highline views from the market. 
Roberta's margarita pizza. 
Spooky decorations in Chelsea Market. 
Picking out our favorite snack cakes from Empire Cake
Stocking up on Sabon products in the Bryant Park Holiday Market. 
Grace on Broadway- amazing!
Con Ed preparing for the hurricane in Union Square. Hundreds of trucks were lined up by Sunday afternoon!
Breakfast at Friend of a Farmer. 
A new cat to keep me company from Madewell (Ski Teal You Drop nail color by OPI). 
Upper East Side. 
My first trip to Laduree. 
Decisions, decisions... 
It seems that whenever my mom comes to visit Halloween weekend, crazy weather always comes with her. Last year, it snowed for the first time in October in New York City since the Civil War. This year, Hurricane Sandy hit the east coast with a vengeance. We are hunkered down in Astoria with plenty of food, water, and flashlights, and hoping that we will not be hit as hard as predicted. My mom's flight has been cancelled and rescheduled several times, and we are keeping our fingers crossed that by Wednesday she can safely return to Minnesota before jetting off to Austin to visit my brother and sister-in-law.

Before the storm arrived, we had a wonderful weekend together walking around, shopping, and eating the most delicious foods around the city. While most New Yorkers were stocking up on bread, batteries, and candles Sunday afternoon, we shopped up and down Fifth Avenue and stocked up on macarons at Laduree (with no line!). The sidewalks and stores were eerily quiet all day, a rare sight in a city of millions.

Stay safe East Coasters! Good luck to everyone riding out the storm.


  1. Wow. I saw pics online of NO ONE waiting for the subway, and tons of water gathered in the financial district. It's so surreal to see NYC look like a ghost town. Hope y'all will be safe! At least you can spend some quality time with Mama! Take care!

  2. SO jealous you are in New York! Its my favorite place ever!

  3. Pepper in a soda!? That's...odd!
    Be safe in the hurricane!!

  4. Be safe with your Mama. Will be anxious to hear all is well.

  5. Glad to hear you're doing well and seriously, I say this all the time, you eat the most delicious food ever!! I'm so jealous!!!

    Ps. I've never had a macaroon.. you're allowed to judge me.. I have never seen any!! I may have to get some when I'm visiting my family around the holidays :)

  6. Hope you guys weren't hit too hard. My apartment lobby was flooded :(

  7. beautiful photos, all of them. hope you all are doing well and are safe!

  8. Ok, looking through your photos is always SO fun Daina! So many interesting things to see. I am so curious how that soda tastes and I love the cat ring! Thanks for linking up this week...its been too long since I've stopped by your blog and I'm so glad I did!! :)

  9. Lovely pictures Diana - Like a tour in NY, a city U wish to visit one day! I hope your mom can get safely home!


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