Scenes from our weekend.

Just thinking about last weekend makes me smile. The weather here was absolutely beautiful, and Brian and I made the most of it by being tourists in our own city. And if you know me, you know that not much makes me happier than that.

On Saturday, we admired Halloween decor on brownstone lined streets in Hoboken, ate cannoli on the pier while enjoying the amazing views of Manhattan, and met my friend's beautiful new baby boy, Jakob. After browsing flea markets in Hell's Kitchen and the department stores on Fifth Avenue, Brian and I concluded our day by ordering in Thai and watching hours of Friends. Sunday morning began with a delicious breakfast at Le Pain Quotidien. We tasted every jam and spread on our plate of freshly baked breads and devoured our frittata as we planned our afternoon. After our pots of coffee were emptied, we wove our way through the Lower East Side to the Brooklyn Bridge. After crossing the bridge, our eating adventures continued at the Smorgasburg in Brooklyn Bridge Park. The steamed buns from Bite Size Kitchen were delicious!

It's weekends like this that make me so grateful to get to live where I do. New York City, you will forever have my heart.


  1. these pictures are beautiful! i was just on the brooklyn bridge for the first time last week and i fell in love. gorgeousss!

  2. Hi Daina! Le Pain Quotidien is one of my very favorite spots in NY. I am still a fan devotee of your blog. Thinking of you, Iris

  3. I have a thing for bridges, so when I saw the picture of the Brooklyn bridge, it made me wanna pack up and leave to NY!

    Gorgeous pics!

  4. Yet another perfect weekend :) And now I recognize some of your pictures from places I visited while in NY! I was only there for a few days and NY has my heart... I can't even begin to imagine how you must feel :)


  5. Wow I love the Halloween decorations!

  6. Holy smokes, what a weekend! And oh, the bebe!
    I've never been to NY but I am very excited to get there someday... these photos make me that much more excited! =D


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