Life according to Instagram, Week 43.

Another week brought to you by Instagram...
1. Lexington Avenue subway mosaic.
2. Guster's Christmas song makes me dance in the streets, all by myself. I am that girl.
3. I can't resist stopping at Parisi for Linzer cookies.
4. I accidentally seriously overdid the green on Thursday. I looked like a crazy leprechaun (and ran through the hallways of my school to prove it). My outerwear made this an outfit fail.
5. Park Avenue.
6. Holiday cups and fresh manicures make me very happy.
7. Astoria.
8. NYC streets smell so lovely this time of year. It is a welcomed change.
9. So happy my parents are in town this weekend! Can you spot them in this picture?
10. My favorite Christmas tree. Ever.
11. Happy December!
12. Dinner at Burger Joint. So many amazing memories in this restaurant.

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  1. I leave the same boring comment all the time, but it's because I always feel the same with your instagram posts ... it's like living in NYC vicariously, through you! It must be so amazing to take in all that "Christmas in NY" every.day. !!! And, green is my favorite color. :)

  2. yum.. burger joint i would love to try that place! and i always want to go to nyc during christmas so many awesome decorations and i just love the way the city lights up!


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