Daffodils, spring dresses, and dinners in the park. It's all about the little things.

Here are some little things from the past week that made me smile...

Budding and blooming flowers popping up around the city. 

New York City is so beautiful when the trees are blooming against the city skyline.

A new spring dress. 
I cannot wait to wear this bright lace dress from Madewell all spring and summer.

A dinner date with a friend at Shake Shack. 
I met up with Kate on Tuesday night for dinner at Shake Shack in Madison Square Park. It was the perfect place to enjoy eighty degree weather, sunshine, and concrete mixers (my concrete jungle was delicious!). Luckily, we arrived early and only had about thirty people in front of us in line. By the time we left the line wrapped all the way around the park!

Ever since I read about the Daffodil Project on Sharon's blog last week, I have been spotting daffodils everywhere. They seem to be blooming on every sidewalk, street corner, and park garden. They look beautiful!

A favorite view. 
I love looking up Fifth Avenue at sunset and seeing the light bounce off of the Empire State Building.

Candy Crush Saga, my new favorite way to kill time on my commutes. 

Have you played this yet? I love it. After months of Tetris on the train, I downloaded Candy Crush and haven't stopped playing since.

Clog wedges and fresh pedicures. 
My feet are so much happier in open-toed shoes. Dutch Tulips by OPI was my choice for my first pedicure of the season.

What little things made you smile this week? 


  1. Little things...

    1) Meeting my boyfriend's new nephew! I was around for the pregnancy announcement and when the parents announced the sex of the baby and now the birth! It feels really special and the baby is ADORABLE.

    2) One of my students was picking at his underwear and I came up to ask him if he needed help. His response? "It's okay, Cristina. I was just checking to see if I farted or I pooped in my pants." 3 year olds have no shame.

    3) Playing in the park with my kiddies earlier in the week.

    4) Spring dresses.

    5) FLIP FLOPS.


  2. Such pretty pictures! I love spring. And I keep hearing so many good things about Shake Shack... I'll have to try the one here in Philly! Have a great week, Daina. :)



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