Scenes from the weekend.

My mom's first NYC bagel from Brooklyn Bagel in Astoria. We are still not sure how she hadn't had one at some point over the past ten years...
Those army and neon green pants are now folded and ready to wear in my closet. 
Daffodils are everywhere. 
Herald Square blooms. 
A delicious almond macaron. 
bisous, ciao. 
Little Muenster on Stanton Street
Grilled cheese with granny smith apples, cheddar, muenster, and candied bacon.
Delancey Street subway station.
Chelsea Market
9th Street Espresso
Lupita bottles at Tacombi. 
Tacombi in Nolita. 
Living on the edge in Union Square. 
My favorite magnolia trees in Union Square. 
I always love when my mom comes for weekend visits. We had such a great time walking the city, trying new restaurants, and shopping all over town for my latest Pinterest inspired project. The city was buzzing. New York really takes on a whole new energy and light once the springtime sun warms it up.


  1. Ooh, the bad luck spot! I was there a few weeks ago and the "bad luck spot" was where a street performer might fall on you...instead of jumping over you.


  2. I have those red Toms - they're my favourite spring shoe!


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