Scenes from the weekend.

I had been looking forward to last weekend for a long time, and it definitely lived up to its expectations. Lindsey and I hopped on Amtrak Saturday afternoon and made our way to Philadelphia to see our favorite band, Fleetwood Mac, at the Wells Fargo Center. We saw them together three times during their last tour in 2009, and couldn't wait to hear them perform live again.

After we arrived, we took in views of the city from Top of the Tower and ate a delicious meal at Table 31 with Lindsey's parents. The rest of the evening was spent at the concert singing along with Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham to all of my favorite songs. The band played for two and a half hours, and performed a few new songs in addition to all of the classics. I am continuously impressed with the band and how amazing they sound live. All of them seriously rock out and put on a great show. I loved it all so much, I booked a trip to Florida to see them again in June!


  1. Seeing live performances is always amazing! And how i wish i could make a day trip to Philly!
    Yayy for fun week-ends :)


  2. This is too funny! I was in the city the same day and just ate at Table 31 a few days ago! My boyfriend lives right across from there. :) I'd love to meet if you're ever back in the area!


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