5 Pointz

Ever since I moved to Queens back in 2008, 5 Pointz has been one of my favorite destinations in my borough. Brian and I love to drive over to the graffiti mecca whenever we have a rental car and check out the new pieces. It is so fun to look back on my photographs from the past five years and reminisce about all of the amazing artwork that has covered this old warehouse's walls.

Currently there are plans to replace 5 Pointz with new residential towers and retail space. To sign a petition to save 5 Pointz, click here. I will be sad to see this amazing space disappear!


  1. Signing now. I think it's devastating that this work will be destroyed.

    On a similar note, today one of my students made this on our wall. I made him erase it/clean it, because he was supposed to be doing independent math work and he knows that he shouldn't have done it, but the art lover in me was actually really excited about him creating on such a large scale!

    The Rambling Fangirl

  2. i've never been to 5 pointz but it looks and sounds amazing! i'd love to visit one day!

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment. I always love following your posts!

      You definitely need to check out 5 Pointz! It is amazing to just walk around and admire the art. There are usually artists there working on the walls, too, which is really interesting to watch. If you enjoy street/graffiti art, there is also an exhibit right now in Chelsea called Write of Passage that I am eager to check out. It is free (I think) and open on Saturdays from 1-5 through November (I am not sure when it officially closes). Also, have you been following all of this Banksy stuff lately? So crazy!

      Hope you are having a great week!

  3. Wow! That art is amazing! Definitely very sad that it will be demolished. :(


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