I was greatly saddened to read that the battle to save 5 Pointz was lost early this morning. The art space was covered in white paint throughout the night and only remnants of the graffiti are now visible. A peaceful candlelight vigil will be held for 5 Pointz tonight at 5 pm for people to say goodbye to this amazing Queens landmark. 

I will forever cherish my visits to 5 Pointz and the pictures I have from them. These photos were taken during my final visit to the space in late October. The colors, energy, and pieces were phenomenal that day and I am so glad Brian and I took the time to walk around and admire them all. 
New York City will be mourning the loss of 5 Pointz for a very long time. 


  1. So sad! Thanks for sharing all these awesome photos of it.

  2. Horrible news! Makes me sad to know that all this beautiful art is now covered! Thank god you have so many pictures!

  3. Wow. That place is incredible!! So sad it's going to be all covered up :(

  4. Amazing art! Thank you for sharing, I hadn't heard of this before. It's so sad that it's all covered up now.

    1. Hey April,

      If you click the "5 Pointz" label at the bottom of this point it will direct you to all of my other posts about the art space. It was such a fun place to visit from time to time; it was always changing!

  5. So amazing that you captured this Daina...beautiful art + beautiful photos!!


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