Scenes from the weekend.

Brian, Emily, and I took our first little road trip this weekend with our new car to Sleepy Hollow, NY. After a delicious lunch at Bridge View Tavern (the crack pie was insanely good), we drove over to Sleepy Hollow Cemetery to explore. We spent almost two hours walking around the grounds reading headstones and admiring the beautiful fall foliage. The cemetery was both eery and peaceful. We didn't have time to walk around the Old Dutch Church, so we will need to get back to Sleepy Hollow soon to check it out! This is the church that appears in Washington Irving's The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. Legend has it that the headless horseman roams the church's burying ground every Halloween, so we will avoid visiting in October! How was your weekend?

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  1. Such pretty pictures! It's a good idea to take your new car off for a long drive. Not only would you get to see great places, but you'll also judge if the one you got was worth your while. It certainly looks like it, though. Drive safely!

    Lance Gross @ Royal on the East Side


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