Scenes from the weekend.

I woke up early on Saturday morning to meet my friend Liz in the Flower District. After stumbling upon the most beautiful sidewalk covered in pink petals in Astoria, I hopped on the train down to 28th Street to get to the market by 8 am. Liz and I perused the flowers in several shops before selecting our bouquets. I had never been to the Flower District before and was impressed by the selection and variety. Saturday afternoon I had two of my old students over to bake cookies and play board games. The girls won my baking afternoon through our annual Staffle Raffle fundraiser at school. We had a blast playing Uno and Clue while our cookies were in the oven. By Saturday night both Brian and I were exhausted, so we opted to order pizza and watch Parks and Recreation. On Sunday I watched several episodes of Gilmore Girls before spending the afternoon in Central Park. Everything was in bloom and so green! I found a little patch of grass in my favorite corner of the park and read until I was too hot to stay in the sun. How was your weekend?


  1. Nice weekend!
    My weekend was wonderful.
    Was over in Washington D.C. and Philly to see family.
    And Sunday evening we head back to New York .
    My mom and I left New York Tuesday to go back to home. The Netherlands.

    1. Hi Jasmijn! I hope you had a lovely visit along the East Coast. I actually have never been to Washington, D.C. I need to get there soon! I have no excuse living so close in NYC. Hope you had a safe trip home and are doing well!


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