Scenes from the weekend.

The warmer weather has finally arrived! We tried to spend as much time as possible outside this weekend. On Saturday Brian, Emily, and I visited the Bronx Zoo. We spent most of our time watching the gorillas. There were several new baby gorillas, which were so incredibly adorable! On Sunday I met up with my dad for brunch at Freemans. After our delicious meal we walked around the lower east side for a bit before returning to Rivington for ice cream at Morgenstern's. I was pretty upset when I learned that they stopped making my favorite salt and pepper pine nut ice cream, but the Vietnamese coffee flavor made up for it. I have several ice cream shops I want to try this season. New Yorkers, what are your favorite ice cream destinations in the city?


  1. Ice and Vice (right up the road from Morgansterns) is great! Ample Hills (Brooklyn) is my favorite ice cream though.

    1. Yes, Ice and Vice is on my list! I love Ample Hills, too. Their Snap, Mallow, Pop! is my absolute favorite!!!


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